Fitness wasn’t always my friend. I was ashamed of my body and I would punish myself for the things I had eaten. If I missed a workout I'd spend hours on the treadmill or starve myself. My low self-esteem and self-confidence had manifested from my horrible, unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and self. This led me down a path of eating disorders and body dysmorphia that I knew I had to get out of to be happy.

Something inside of me changed after joining a gym in high school. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do or couldn't control, my perspective started to shift into celebrating what I COULD do and what I CAN control. Every rep, every sprint, every fitness class helped me connect to the body I had otherwise hated most of my life. I continued to explore multiple movements with this new found appreciation for my body and its ability to be strong & resilient. It was my first yoga class that taught me that the body belongs to the mind, and that we are only as strong as our brain tells us we are.



I knew I needed both yoga and fitness in my life. I craved the mindful flow of a strong Vinyasa class, but also the intensity of pushing myself to the limit at the gym or a fitness class. Unfortunately I found myself with multiple studio memberships, forced to choose between my practice and my gym sessions because of my busy schedule. The YOGA GYM was born out of my dream to create an efficient and effective hybrid solution within a yoga class that combines the more strengthening aspect of a workout with the mindfulness and flow of yoga.

In my classes, I lead you through creative movements inspired by my favorite fitness exercises that will activate muscles otherwise under-utilized in standard yoga classes. My goal is for you to discover that moving your body is one of your most important self care tools to start owning and fully expressing who you are! So get ready to get sweaty in a fitness program designed to train you for life on and off the mat. See you in class cutie!


I can't wait to meet you! - Kirsten